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Attachment    BHSN Checklist for Eligibility File 9.2019.pdf
Attachment    BHSN Enrollment Application 1.30.2020.pdf
Attachment    BHSN No Income and Homeless Declaration Statement Form 8.2019.pdf
Attachment    BHSN of TN Provider Contact and County Information 5.2019.pdf
Attachment    BHSN of TN Service Rate Sheet FY19 5.21.2019.pdf
Attachment    BHSN Provider Manual_FY20_Revised_Aug_26.pdf
Attachment    BHSN Qualifying Primary Mental Health Dx 6.2019.pdf
Attachment    BHSN Quarterly Report - Patient Assistance Program 8.2019 Fillable.pdf
Attachment    BHSN_of_TN_2019_Onepager.pdf
Attachment    CMHA Staff Contacts for Transfers.pdf
Attachment    County Codes.pdf
Attachment    CoverRx App English OptumRx.pdf
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Attachment    CoverRx Covered Drug List Effective 12.4.2019.pdf
Attachment    FORM - Change of Information - Revised 10-31-2017.pdf
Attachment    FORM -New User Request Form -revised 8-7-17.pdf
Attachment    RMHI Guidelines for Referring to the BHSN of TN Revised 6.25.2019.pdf
Attachment    TDMHSAS PLANNING REGIONSColorMap with County names.pdf
Attachment    TennCare Retro Billing Guidelines-Updated 10-14-14.pdf