1. Mandatory Pre-screening is a community-based screening process designed to do which of the following:

a. provide alternatives to hospitalization d. Maximize service recipient’s ability to remain in a community setting
b. Minimize length of confinement e. All of the above
c. Promote speedy return to the community    

2. Community-based services are provided in the most appropriate, least restrictive environment available.

a. True b. False
3. Which of the following less restrictive alternatives should be considered before writing a Certificate of Need (CON)?

a. Out-patient counseling

c. Respite

b. Crisis stabilization unit

d All of the above

4. By what methods are pre-screening evaluations acceptable?
a. In person, face-to-face or televideo d. Based solely on a report from other professional
b. Telephone e. All of the above
c. Based solely on a report from a family member    
5. Which of these professionals are NOT eligible to take the Mandatory Pre-screening Agent (MPA) Training?
a. Licensed master’s social worker with two years of mental health experience d. Psychologist
b. Ordained minister e. Licensed nurse with a master’s degree in nursing who functions as a psychiatric nurse
c. Licensed senior psychological examiner    
6. Who Designates MPAs?
a. Your immediate supervisor c. Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services Commissioner
b. The mental health facility where you are employed d. Psychiatrists
7. When can you start functioning as a MPA and complete CONs?
a. Immediately after training d. When you have been approved by the Commissioner and reported to Claims Commission
b. When you decide you want to be a MPA e. Services continue uninterrupted until otherwise notified by TDMH
c. When you receive your MPA certificate    
8. How often do you have to be re-designated as a MPA?
a. Never. Once a MPA always a MPA c. Every 5 years
b. Every 2 years d. Annually
9. Which is NOT considered criteria for Emergency Involuntary Admission?
a. Has mental illness or serious emotional disturbance c. Needs care, training, or treatment because of the mental illness or emotional disturbance

b. Poses an immediate substantial likelihood of serious harm because of mental illness or serious emotional disturbance

d. Appears confrontational and under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol
10. Who must you notify if there are any changes in your MPA Status?
a. Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services c. Tennessee Department of Homeland Security
b. Tennessee Department of Health d. No one
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